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Welcome to Local Junk Removal services in Reseda, CA. Feel free to check out our website and contact us to get your Junk Removal job well taken care of with us!

Looking for  Junk Removal services in Reseda, CA does not have to be hard at all.  If you have junk or debris that needs to be removed from your home or business all you have to do is call our Junk Removal services in Reseda, CA anytime day or night and our experts will be there to assist you.


With over 191,719 residents and growing, Reseda, CAlifornia, is considered by many polls to be one of the safe havens still left in the United States. Our staff and crew at our Junk Removal Service company in Reseda, CA love this community and we are proud to provide their Junk Removal service.


Our Junk Removal service in Reseda, CA is quite respectable.  Our huge dump trucks have the potential of removing just about anything from your home or business.


  1.   Kitchen Junk

  2.   Bathroom Junk

  3.   Garage Junk

  4.   Office Furniture

  5.   Roof Removal

  6.   Building Removal


Our Junk Removal experts Reseda, CA we are proud of our Junk Removal Service but it is not the only service we offer.  We offer a bundle of services designed to cover anything our community might need.  The list of services was established after spending a long time listening to our customers needs and then reacting to them.  Although Junk Removal is definitely our core service; we cannot underestimate the importance of our support services, like our Hauling Service, as well.  Here is a list of the services we offer:


  1. Hauling/Junk Removal Service

  2. Clean Up Service

  3. Bobcat Service

  4. Site Clearing Service

  5. Trash and Waste Removal

  6. Garbage Collection Service


As you can see we can tear down your project, haul it away, clear the site of any junk, debris, garbage, trash, waste, and then offering a clean up service as well.


Best Prices – Fast Service – Professional

Our Junk Removal specialist have been delivering superior service and the best prices. Let us get rid of your excess junk, construction debris or any kind of trash that needs hauling away. Complicated job? No problem. We'll do what it takes.

Green Hauling Saves You Money

As we load your junk materials, we'll sort out the recyclable materials, and divert them from the landfill.The landfill operator dump fee will be reduced accordingly. We are a Certified Deconstruction Contractor. We separate recyclable spoils from those that cannot be recycled. Based upon years of experience in the San Fernando Valley Area, and Reseda we know how to work efficiently and cost effectively with the local recycling centers.

Inside and Outside Junk Removal

Our crews can work inside or outside. When removing junk from inside your home or place of business, we'll take extra care not to damage walls or floors. We provide fast, friendly service.

Bobcat Service Speeds the Work and Saves Money

Our Bobcats, trucks and other equipment is right-sized for small and medium-sized Junk Removal and hauling jobs. More efficient and faster than big equipment or manual labor, our crews and their optimized equipment will make short work of your job. Our Bobcats have rubber tracks to prevent damage.

Construction Cleanup

Contact us early in your construction project and let us manage your construction waste stream, ensuring compliance with all local ordinances. We'll help you maximize the percentage of construction waste that gets recycled, rather than going to the landfill. This service is available to both contractors and owner-builders. Timely removal of construction debris helps avoid safety hazards and keeps the inspectors happy. We provide the paperwork needed to submit to your local government jurisdiction.

Asphalt, Concrete Junk Removal and Removal

We've got the equipment to dig it up and haul it off! Driveway removal, parking lots, and sidewalk removal – we're the experts in the San Fernando Valley and Reseda area!

Dirt and Debris Hauling

Whether it is ten yards or 2000 yards of material, call today so we can look at you project. Most dirt is reused instead of being dumped at the landfill.

Our track loaders are capable of grading for a new patio, a new crawl space, a new driveway or any other project you may have. All grading is done to your job specific elevations and checked with a laser level.

Residential and Commercial Junk Removal Hauling

When it comes to Junk Removal in the San Fernando Valley and Reseda area, we are the expert’s. We have the experienced crews and the right-sized equipment to efficiently remove an entire house full of junk or a portion of a house while keeping the impact on the surrounding landscape to a minimum.


(818) 357-2301

(818) 357-2301